Irish Craft Beer Tasting, The Gables Foxrock, Tuesday 18 October

Posted on September 29, 2016 by John McCabe

With the huge increase in interest in Craft Beers - particularly Irish ones - and with over 100 Craft Breweries in Ireland (North & South), we though it was about time that we had a proper tasting of the better ones!

The Tasting will be presented by James Winans from Vanguard Beers - a expert (aren't we all!) in the area and someone who knows practically every beer in the country! James was born in Texas and raised on craft beers (and we don't count Budweiser as beer - it's made from rice!). 

As with all our Tastings, we'll be sampling and comparing a range of beers across the spectrum from Pale Ales, IPA's, Session beers  etc but all with be Irish!

We will be tasting approx 12 beers (in groups of 3 - 3 IPA's, 3 Lager type etc) and we'll have some nibbles to compliment the beers!  We'll be finalising the list shortly so check back for more details

7.00pm (til 9.00pm approx)
The Gables, Foxrock Village
€25.00 per person,
Booking advisable as max 25 permitted.

CLICK  HERE to BOOK or to see the Full List of Beers ON Tasting

Alternatively you can book by phone at 01 2892174



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