Wine At The Bar - a Special offer at The Gables!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by John McCabe

With so many people meeting up in a local pub or house for pre-dinner drinks before coming to The Gables, we thought we'd try to entice you to have those pre-dinner drinks in The Gables - before you sit down to enjoy your meal and our great Wine list!

So, buy a bottle of our specially selected wines at a reduced price to share at our bar, and not only do you get the great price on the wine, but we'll serve up some appetisers to whet your appetite further. All for only €20.00!

We're offering a choice of a specially selected White or Red which we'll be changing regularly - to keep you interested!

Wine at the Bar!      €20.00 including appetisers
Cotes Du Rhone White 2010 Jean Luc Colombo (€24.00 on our wine list) 
Chateau Lamothe Vincent 2011 (Merlot), Bordeaux Superieur (€23.00)

Just order at the bar and we'll look after the appetisers.

Please note that we do not accept reservations for the bar area.

These wines will change regularly so you should really call in more often.

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