Australian Wines - Pleasant but......

Posted on March 21, 2013 by John McCabe


 An article in Food & Wine magazine (April 2013) included a tasting of Australian Chardonnays. 

After the tasting, which seemed very disappointing, the tasters concluded that the wines were 'pleasant and nothing more, with a distressing tendency to disappear without trace on the finish'!

Now there is no doubt that the Australians make some great wines, but the mass-produced stuff we see in the supewrmarkets does have a tendency to all taste the same! Ask yourself this, If you blind-tasted 5 Australian wines, say around €10-€12, could you tell  the difference.
they would all be fruity and easy drinking but...

If you were to study this list of Producers - Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Lindemans, Mildara, Jamiesons Run, Rothbury, Rosemount, Wynns, Yellow Glen, Leo Buring, - could you spot what they have in common/

They are all owned by the same company, which was until recently part of Fosters - a beer company!

Now, before I start getting missives from Ozophiles (is that a real word) the Australians do make some great wines, but they also make a huge pile of rubbish!

In McCabes, we just think wines from other countries at the cheaper end of the market are far more interesting!


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