What should you be paying for your wine?

Posted on January 13, 2013 by John McCabe

 The Irish Times had an article on Saturday 12 January from their Wine Correspondant John Wilson breaking down the price of a (retail) bottle of wine. While we don't agree completely with his figures, he was pretty close! 

John estimated that a bottle of wine selling at €10.00 is sold by the winemaker for €1.50, and the Government gets €4.68!!

All we have to add is that if you spend a couple of euro extra, you'll get a wine that cost twice as much (and should in theory be twice as good!)

If I may finish with the Sales pitch, here at McCabes we sell wine after tasting it, not after pricing it!  We have loads of wines under €10.00 including Gold Star winners from the Irish Wine Show, but have all those wines in the €10 - €15 range that are really worth trying!


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