Beer & Spirits - still price driven, despite the claims of the Multiples!

Posted on November 08, 2012 by John McCabe

 With all the fuss over Underage drinking, Binge drinking etc, it is interesting to see the recent figures from Nielson regarding Alcohol consumption!

We are frequently told by organisations funded by the big drinks companies and the likes of Drink Aware that there is no correlatioon between price and quantity! Yet we all know that the Supermarkets are continually using alcohol on promotion to drive footfall.

McCabes belief is that you should spend a little extra (whatever you can afford) and get a better product that you can sip not glug! Wines are meant to taste different - they shouldn't all taste of sweetened fruit.......

According to Nielson, they estimate that 63% of volume in lager is sold on deal in the Multiples, as is 45% of spirits.

So according to my maths, that means that 2/3s of Lager customers in Multiples are buying quantity because it's on Offer!

Remember, Drink alcohol responsibly - just don't sell it responsibly!!

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